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Pursuing a medical career in Florida comes with a challenging financial path. From paying steep medical school tuition to residency programs offering low wages, it can be difficult to save up a 20% down payment as a young doctor. On top of educational expenses, physicians also face:

This puts homeownership out of reach for many of Florida’s hardworking healthcare heroes. Accufunds seeks to change that narrative.

Doctor Loans: Built for the Reality of Medical Careers

Accufunds Financial designed Doctor Loans specifically to align with the financial journey of medical professionals practicing in Florida.

We take a realistic view of the medical career trajectory rather than just looking at your current income and debt levels like conventional lenders. Our underwriters account for significant factors like:

By accounting for these variables, we can qualify borrowers based on future ability to repay, opening mortgage financing previously out of reach.

Florida Doctor Loan Features and Benefits

Our Doctor Loan Program is about more than just down payment requirements. We provide a suite of benefits catering to the Sunshine State’s medical community including:

Let Our Orlando Experts Guide You

Buying a home is complicated. Getting a special mortgage loan tailored for medical professionals shouldn’t be. Our Orlando-based lending team holds your hand through every Doctor Loan step including:

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